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Hyundai Powertech (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) gives the highest priority to each customer’s personal information and strictly complies with the “Personal Information Protection Act”. Furthermore, the Company clearly identifies where & how your personal information is used and notifies every possible action to protect your personal information through its Privacy Policy. If the Company revises the Privacy Policy, it will notify such revision through the Notice on its website (or individual notices). This Policy will be become effective immediately upon November 23, 2018.

1. Personal Information to be Gathered

The Company collects the following personal information.
A. At the Data Receipt Process [Customer Service] : Name, birth date, e-mail address,
    In addition, the following data may be generated and accordingly collected during any service or process.
B. Service-use records, login log, login IP information

2. Personal Information Gathering Method

The Company collects the personal information through its home page (Customer Service).

3. Purpose of Personal Information Gathering & Application

The Company uses all the personal information gathered just for some Customer Service purposes.

4. Sharing & Disclosure of Personal Information with & to a Third Party

In general, the Company will not disclose each user’s personal information to any other party. However, any of the following events will be excluded from such non-disclosure obligation.
- If users have agreed on such disclosure
- If such disclosure is legally required, or if an investigation agency requests for such disclosure

5. Outsourced Processing of Personal Information

The Company will not outsource the processing of any personal information without the prior consent of a user. If such outsourcing is unavoidable, the Company shall notify the corresponding user of an outsourced party and related data and receive the user’s permission, if necessary.

6. Personal Information Retention & Use Period

In general, if certain personal information has been gathered and accordingly used, such information shall be immediately scrapped. However, the following information will be retained for the following period.
Customer Service

  • - Retention Items : Name, birth date, e-mail address, documents, etc.
  • - Retention Ground : Mandatory Data Retention Period of Customer Service
  • - Retention Period : 1 year

7. Scrapping of Personal Information

In general, the Company shall immediately scrap every personal information after such information has been gathered and accordingly used. Such scrapping processes and methods can be summarized as follows:
Scrapping Process

  • - All data entries will be retained for a certain period and then scrapped in accordance with the Company’s bylaws
     and governing laws.

  • - Such data entries will not be used for any other purpose than those stipulated in the governing laws.

Scrapping Method

  • - Those personal data printed on papers shall be scrapped with a paper shredder or an incinerator.
  • - Those electronic personal data shall be deleted based on some non-recoverable technology.

8. User & Legal Representative Rights and their Exercise Method

A user is entitled to view or revise his or her personal information.
(However, if certain data are being processed, some revision may not be allowed.)
For under 14-year-old child, child’s legal representative has rights to view or modify a child’s personal information and rights to withdraw the collection and use agreement.
If any user intends to view and revise his or her personal information, he or she may want to contact the personal information manager via phone or e-mail. Then, he or she will be immediately served. If the user requests for the correction of any error contained in his or her personal information, such information will never be used or disclosed before such revision process is completed, Furthermore, if any incorrect personal information has been provided to a third party, the consequential correction feedback shall be immediately notified to the third party.
With respect to the revoked or deleted personal information requested by a user, the Company shall accordingly handle such information in accordance with the ‘6. Personal Information Retention & Use Period’.

9. Personal Information Safety Measures

The Company has formulated and implemented the following technical measures in order to prevent any privacy accident or incident (i.e. loss, theft, tempering, falsification, damage, etc.).
  - A user’s personal information and password are encrypted and accordingly managed; therefore, only the user
  can access such information and password. In addition, additional security measures (i.e. file/data encryption,
  file lock, etc.) have been applied.
  - In order to protect every personal information from hacking or computer virus, the Company installs some
  security programs, periodically updates such programs and constantly monitors on such hacking or virus.
  In addition, the Company has installed relevant security systems in restricted areas and managed such systems
  technically and physically.
  - Certain access authorities to the personal-information database system have been properly granted, modified
  and revoked while certain physical control measures have always been taken through an intrusion prevention
  - A limited number of employees have been assigned for the management of personal information while various
  personal information control measures are implemented.

10. Notes on the installation and operation of automatic collection devices and their refusal

A company does not install and operate automatic collection devices.

11. Personal Information Manager or Personal Information Division

The Company has assigned the following division and personnel in charge of controlling personal information in order to protect each user’s personal information and handle any relevant claim.
Customer Service

  • - Personal information division : General Affairs Team
  • - Personal information manager : Lee Seung-Joon
  • - Phone No. : +82-41-661-9139
  • - e-mail :

For any claim on your personal information, you can submit such claim to the personal information manager or division. In addition, the Company will make its best efforts to resolve such claim.
Date Noticed : November 16, 2018
Date Enforced : November 23, 2018

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