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With the ‘Together for a Better Future’ spirit firmly engraved on our minds, we will make our most efforts to make each customer happy!

Hyundai POWERTECH was established in 2001 as the first automatic transmission manufacturer in Korea. Since then the company’s steady commitment to R&D and quality improvement has overseen a full lineup of A/Ts ranging from compact to full-size vehicles. Also the company secures the mass production capacity of full-sized A/T in its plants in Korea, the US, China and Mexico.

Thanks to the tireless passion of its workers and a corporate culture of relaxed labor-management relations, Hyundai POWERTECH has become a leading automobile parts manufacturer in Korea and is now positioned in the powertrain industry to become a top global player by 2020.

From shift quality to acceleration performance and fuel efficiency, Hyundai POWERTECH’s A/T is the key component that completes driving performance. Hyundai POWERTECH’s powertrain technology and unbeatable quality ensures maximum driving performance and guarantees customer delight. Researchers at its Hwa-seong Drivetrain R&D Center work night and day at developing cutting-edge powertrain technologies that save energy without scrimping on performance, while preparing for the next generation of eco-friendly vehicles that consider the environment and man together.

Hyundai POWERTECH supports a vision of shared growth as a corporate citizen. The company takes full responsibility in this role through various community outreach programs and charitable efforts so that our stakeholders -including our customers, employees, business partners and global society- may grow together.

We invite you to join us on this remarkable quest to create new values in the automobile industry and leap forward to become a leading global player.

Thank you.

Hyundai Powertech
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