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A new force making waves in the world automobile industry,Hyundai Powertech will establish a new era in automobiles.

Incorporated in 2001, Hyundai Powertech is a main auto parts manufacturer of Hyundai Motor Group, specializing in automotive transmissions.

Established as the nation’s first automatic transmission specialist, Hyundai Powertech has pursued the world-class quality based on its unceasing R&D & investment efforts. With the outstanding production capacity, the Company has a full line of transmission products from compact cars to full-size cars, and has been able to entrench its strong market position as a transmission specialist.

Going forward, Hyundai Powertech will attain the global competitiveness , enhance its brand equity and accomplish the technology innovation so that the Company will lead the global transmission market with its differentiated products, productivity & distribution channel. Furthermore, the Company will continue to make the most of various green technologies for humankind and environment in order to create new values and satisfy each & every customer. Simply put, Hyundai Powertech will lead the global automotive industry to be a richer automotive culture.


In 2023, The leading manufacturer of eco-friendly Transmission! Eco-friendly management / Best practices / Customer satisfaction Worldwide manufacturer with eco-friendly transmission technology. Technology competitiveness / Best quality / Global competitiveness
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