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What is an Automatic Transmission?

An Automatic Transmission is a core auto part of a powertrain, along with an engine, and requires the most advanced technology. In addition, it transmits the engine power to each wheel in order to increase the powertrain power, maintain a certain speed , shift gears and transmit/block the power.
  Moreover, unlike a manual transmission, the automatic transmission automatically shifts gears through its TCU (Transmission Control Unit), based on ongoing driving conditions.

Explanation of transmission-related terminology - reference
1.Parking Apparatus
a An anti-slip apparatus for parking
A wet-type multi-disc frictional machine that makes up some gear-shifting modes through a clutch/brake combination Clutch : Delivers the engine power to a planetary gear Brake : Secures a planetary gear
3.Valve Body
It is an oil pressure controller that provides some oil pressure to relevant components based on certain signals given by a TCU
A part that wraps around & secures a transmission to provide an oil path
5.Torque converter
It is a fluid coupling that transfers the engine power to a transmission and is composed of an impeller, a turbine and a stator. In addition, it is equipped with a damper clutch for gas mileage & NVH enhancement
A device that transmits torque to a drive shaftand absorbs certain rotational differences
A part that shifts and delivers the engine power in line with ongoing driving conditions
Oil pump - A device that feeds lubricant and generates some oil pressure  / Transmission Control Unit (TCU) - A device that identifies ongoing driving conditions from sensors,  calculates how & when to change gears, and controls a transmission & a lock-up clutch

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