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With the increased direct connection area of torque converter which applied stiffness damper, the Gamma CVT that has high efficiency through torque converter is a continuously variable transmission optimized for Gamma and Nu engine, which were developed by Hyundai Motor Group.
The precise clutch control and the superb gas mileage could be secured through the high-precision direct solenoid and ISG (Idle Stop & Go) functions, respectively.


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Gamma CVT Specifications
Transmission Type & Feature Continuously Variable Transmission & Manual Mode available
Torque Capacity(kgf·m) 18.3
Overall Length(mm) 351
Variator Type Chain Belt
Ratio Coverage 7.0
Launch Device Torque Converter
Option ISG capable (with EOP)
All-Wheel drive application possible

Model Applications (As of September 2018)

  • K3
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