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Known for its high efficiency through an ultra-flat torque converter, Kappa CVT is a continuously variable transmission optimized for the Kappa engine, which was developed by Hyundai Motor Group. The precise clutch control and the superb gas mileage could be secured through the high-precision direct solenoid and the 2-speed sub-transmission & ISG (Idle Stop & Go) functions, respectively.


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  • 1.Kappa CVT 45degree side
  • 2.Kappa CVT Left side
  • 3.Kappa CVT Right side
  • 4.Kappa CVT Rear
  • 5.Kappa CVT Mock-up


Continuously Variable Transmission Kappa CVT Specifications
Transmission Type & Feature Continuously Variable Transmission w/ Auxiliary 2-speed gear train
& Manual Mode available
Torque Capacity(kgf·m) 12.5 / 14
Overall Length(L) 345.7
Belt Type 3-Elements (2-Phase)
w/ Lock-Up clutch
Slip Lock-Up capable

Model Applications (As of June 2018)

  • Accent
  • i20
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