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The structure & performance analysis is performed for every automatic transmission part and assembly so that each item’s optimal design can be secured from an initial phase. In addition, each issue generated from the test phase is scrutinized in advance so that each project’s development period and related costs can be significantly reduced.

Strength/Hardness Analysis

The strength/hardness/bearing stress analysis is performed for each automatic transmission component in order to secure its reliability, strength & hardness.

Predicts design reliability through analysis of the strength of parts and systems, hardness and surface pressure

Fatigue Analysis

With actual load conditions for each automatic transmission part taken into account, its fatigue life is estimated to secure the transmission’s durability.

Predicts fatigue life time taking the actual load factors of parts into consideration

Vibration Analysis

While an automatic transmission is connected to an engine, vibration analysis is performed based on actual driving conditions. In this way, certain vibration/noise levels can be estimated so that the ride comfort & shifting quality can be enhanced.

Predicts the vibration and noise levels of the powertrain

Flow Analysis

An automatic transmission part’s lubrication performance & a rotator’s oil churning loss are estimated to minimize the power loss.

Predicts oil churning loss of the rotor and automatic transmission parts lubrication performance

Dynamics Analysis

When the P-mode is incorrectly operated while driving due to a shifting lever control error or a driver’s mistake, the vehicle-stopping velocity & impact energy will be estimated so that the driver can be furnished with the optimal controllability and that an unexpected accident can be prevented.

Predicts the vehicle’s fixed speed and impact force when shifted accidentally into P gear while driving and the operational force of the shift lever
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