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Customer inquiry service regarding new business, promotion, sales, purchase, etc. is offered through this page.
Under Total Quality Policy, inquiries regarding A/S are reported and managed by each country’s A/S center in Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors.

Ethcis Board Notice board for unreasonable  policy, irregularity Hyundai powertech Ethics Board

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Please enter each of the following items and click on the E-mail Authentication button. Then, an authentication mail will be sent to the e-mail you entered, and the View Outcome [Customer Service] Menu will be available for service.

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Retention Items : Name, birth date, e-mail address
Retention Ground : Mandatory Data Retention Period of Customer Service
Retention Period : 1 year
Provided that, if it is required to retain the information by relevant laws and regulations, the Company will retain member information for certain period as designated by relevant laws and regulations.

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